All You Need for A Good Night's Sleep is Dohar Blanket

Do you become restless at night, especially tossing and turning to get a perfect sleep? Are you seeking a solution to transform your tiring nights into soothing and more relaxing one? The answer to your problem is changing your blanket.

Yes, you heard it right. Replace the ordinary blanket and invest in a dohar. A dohar is the key to escaping the night and entering the world of comfort and relaxation in the morning. Read on to understand why a dohar is more than anything else you need this summer.

So, what is a dohar?

You may often hear about buying a dohar set with a bedsheet for a perfect summer night. But what is a dohar? A dohar is an Indian comforter, often called a blanket. Although, in reality, a blanket and dohar are nowhere close to being just like each other.

How they are manufactured creates a vital difference between the two. For instance, a blanket will have a single layer of wool in a sheet of cotton; conversely, a dohar will have several layers of beaten cotton. Dohar got its name from the Hindi word "doharana," meaning repetition. Since it has so many repeated layers, dohar suits the name perfectly.

Originally, dohars were made for wealthy people. But today, dohars are easily available and no longer a precious item of the rich. You can buy dohar online easily these days without worrying about their quality. Not only are they suitable for summers, but they are also a perfect choice for monsoons and winters. As far as excellent and comfortable sleep is concerned, this is India's all-around solution.
Why should you go for a dohar?

It is easy to look and buy a dohar blanket online, but you should know where and how to use them. After all, the solution is not about buying but knowing the perfect time and way of using it. Let's look at some ways and reasons for opting for a dohar.

1) Comfort in all seasons

Often people feel that dohars are to be used in the colder Indian regions, but to be honest, it is a myth. Dohars are very light in weight and can be comfortably used in any part of India. You can use these in extreme summer as well. Look for a cotton dohar blanket that will be perfect for your sweaty summer and cold winter nights.

2) Adds to the beauty of your room

Modern dohars are attractive, colorful, good-looking, and highly comfortable. You can even use these dohars as a throw for your living room couch and sofa while you enjoy your favorite binge-watch. Modern dohars come in numerous color contrasts and patterns that add brightness to the room.

3) Different sizes for every need

You can get dohars in different sizes. For instance, if you & your partner like to share a common blanket, go for a dohar blanket double bed. You can even get a nice and comfy dohar for your kids and offer them a gift for great sleep. You can even buy these dohars for your guests and let them enjoy their stay at your home.

4) Easy Maintenance

Most people worry about the aftercare before buying a dohar. As easy as it is to use a dohar, it is even simpler to take care of them. Dohar washing is a very simple process that can be done in your washing machine.

All in all, a dohar in your closet is a perfect solution for weather change problems. In India, there are days when you would want a layer that is neither hot nor cold, just perfect according to the weather. That is where a dohar will be your companion. When you feel a temperature change, take out dohar and enjoy a night of comfortable sleep.
What should you check before buying a dohar?

Let's look at some points everyone should consider while buying a dohar online or offline. It will support you in knowing how to make the proper selection:

1. Before finalizing your perfect sleep partner, always browse the entire collection of a leading brand, such as myTrident, to find the best.

2. Besides checking the dohar blanket price, check the material, fabric, dimensions, colors, and care instructions when purchasing.

3. Always compare the dohars before finalizing the right one for you.

Closing Thoughts

You deserve a peaceful and restful night of sleep after a long tiring day. With a dohar, you can surely get that tranquil sleep you have been craving for a long time. Moreover, you can buy a dohar in multiple colors and designs that can perfectly match your bedroom or even bed sheets. Don't forget to check out some fantastic dohar collections at myTrident. They have these available in unique patterns, designs, and colors at fair prices and assured quality in the long run.

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