Bedding trends your will be seeing everywhere in 2024

As a dedicated place to rest, the bed has its own space in our lives. It is the space where we spend most of our time; no matter how we feel – happy or unhappy, low or high or whatever it could be. Our bed is the space which relaxes us, refreshes us, rejuvenation us and makes us ready for the next day. Hardly a few things own such a place in our lives. Who wouldn’t love beautifying such a place? Well, we all love. If you too can’t resist changing the look of your room and embracing the new aesthetics, you would not want to miss out on the trends that would be on the rise in 2024. Stay with us till the end of this blog and find out how to give your bedroom a glamorous look.

· Mix Prints

What’s often seen as an absolute no is the most highly-anticipated trend of 2023. Yes, you guessed it right - mixing different patterns. Embrace this en-vogue trend and give an alluring appeal to your bedroom. Instead of steering bold, bright and peppy patterns, try to be playful with them. Opting for checkers, florals, and stripes all in the same tone is an excellent option and a sure hit. Let your creative juices flow and play around with different patterns. It will not only add an eclectic vibe to your space but also give you a chance to make your space truly yours.

· Creating spa-like comfort

What ruled 2023 will again not see anything nearing to defeat it - the serene spa-esque look. Top designers of the nation say that establishing a spa-like ambience will get elevated to new levels. Modern organic colours and nature-driven aesthetics will continue in bedrooms along with light furniture, warm rugs and a hint of plants. You can create a healing sanctuary for yourself by opting for neutral, calm colours whilst adding zen accessories like diffusers, candles and soothing fragrances. So that when you come home after a long day you find a tranquil and relaxing space to unwind.

· Layering Rugs

The current trend of layering rugs will continue into bedrooms in 2023 as well. Layering different designs, colours and textures will bring an alluring look to rooms. With their shapes, texture and sizes, rugs help unify, define and frame the different furniture pieces that sit on top of them. Layering rugs will help you shrink a large open space and add a more pleasing ambience whilst zoning it. Best of all, there are no hard and fast rules you need to stick to. Experimenting with layers will take your creativity to a whole new realm and inch you a step closer to your dream bedroom.

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