How to Choose the Best Bathrobe?

Wrapping yourself in a soft bathrobe after a long shower is one of the best feelings ever. However, you need to find that perfect bathrobe to experience the same. As bathrobes come directly in contact with your skin, it is important the bathrobe you invest your time and energy to find should be the perfect fit. Being an essential clothing, bathrobes come in all sizes, shapes, and quality, and finding a bathrobe that's perfect by all means necessary, can be a challenge. That's why we have you covered with everything you need to know about how to find the best bathrobe out there today.

1) Choose the Right Fabric:

Choosing the right fabric should be your first priority, as bathrobes come directly in contact with your skin. Having a bathrobe that is made of a material or fabric that's super smooth and soft on even the most sensitive of skins is, therefore, significantly important. When it comes to bathrobe materials, cotton, terry, silk, satin, flannel, chenille, fleece, and velour are some of the most popular choices. Terry cloth, which is made of woven cotton fabric has incredible absorption properties, and offers a soft texture, making it the ideal choice for bathrobes. All of the bathrobes from myTrident are made of terry cloth, making it a must have for any wardrobe. Physical factors like weight, durability, absorbency, and texture all contribute to the overall comfort of a bathrobe. That's why finding the right fabric is key to finding the perfect bathrobe.

2) Select a Texture You Love:

Even though bathrobes for women, men, and kids all share a common design overall, there are always less apparent differences in design and build quality. For instance, there are bathrobes that come with a hood and those that come without a hood. There are also bathrobes that have a pocket and those that do not. Depending on the materials you use, there will also be physical differences like the smoothness of the cloth, its absorbance, and so on. Take the weather in your locality into account before deciding if you need a bathrobe with a hood or without a hood. Ideally, it's best to go through multiple bathrobe textures before making your decision.

3) Pick the Right Size and Length:

One of the easiest mistakes you can make while shopping for bathrobes is to pick a bathrobe that is incorrect in size and length. Men's bathrobes and women's bathrobes both come in identical sizes and most brands that offer high-quality bathrobes, like myTrident, for instance, offer bathrobes in medium to large sizes. Ideally, a bathrobe should fit you comfortably and should have a length that measures down to knee length. Kids' bathrobe size and length can be a bit more tricky, and it's best to take measurements and compare them with an online size chart before making a purchase.

4) Select Your Favorite Color:

Bathrobes come in a wide range of colors that further adds a touch of personalization and uniqueness to bathrobes these days. That's why it helps to buy a bathrobe in your favorite color. While white bathrobes are arguably one of the most selling variants of bathrobes, it's pretty common these days. Most of the leading brands that offer bathrobes, like myTrident, for instance, offer a variety of colors like crimson red, teal, and turquoise bathrobe that add

uniqueness and personalization to your bathrobe like never before. You are also more likely to wear a bathrobe in your favorite color.


Bathrobes are a long-term investment that is personal and comes into very close contact with your skin. They are also leisure wear that needs to offer the most comfortable experience as you relax after a long shower. To make sure that you enjoy wearing your bathrobe, it is important that you find a bathrobe that checks all the boxes. We hope that our dedicated guide on how to find a bathrobe helps you find that perfect bathrobe.

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