How to clean and maintain your comforters and blankets?

 Who doesn’t love being wrapped by a cosy comforter during the chilly winter morning and enjoying those moments of warmth with your loved ones? Well, there are only a few pleasures in life that can top spending freezing mornings snuggled up under layers of cosy blankets and comforters. Comforters and blankets are irreplaceable things during winter. From adding an extra layer of warmth during nights to bringing a cosy vibe to the wintery décor, they have their own relevance. Eventually, they too need maintenance and cleaning, otherwise, they might harbour allergens that may hamper your good night’s sleep. Read on to learn how to maintain your comforter and blankets, so you can stay toasty through the cosy season

Wash on time: After continuous usage, your favourite comforters and blankets may become a breeding ground for allergens such as dust mites and may end up ruining your night’s sleep and health. Cleaning them at the right time is very important so that you can sleep soundly under cosy and comfortable bedding. Before you decide to wash them at home, check their wash care instructions and initiate the process only if the label gives you the okay to do so. Some materials like silk or wool can shrink or damage in the washing machine. Such materials are meant to be dry cleaned only so that they can look and stay fresh for a longer period of time

Choose the right washing machine: Make sure you wash the comforter or blanket on its own and do not throw in other clothes. Comforters and blankets need enough room to spin and move. If they do not get it, they may not get completely cleaned, their filling may become compressed and the fabric may damage. If your machine’s load capacity is less, you should go for commercial washing rather than washing them at home. In addition to this, select a delicate or gentle cycle and wash them with lukewarm water to keep them in good condition and use them for a longer duration. Selecting extra hot water might damage your favourite comforter’s or blanket’s fluffiness and premium look.

Choose the appropriate detergent: Using harsh detergents, bleach and other discolouring agents may harm the fabric and colour of your articles. Use a natural laundry or mild detergent and add an extra rinse. The wash care instructions mentioned in your article may suggest which temperature setting to go with. After your article has gone through a wash, shift it to the dryer with enough room. After drying it at the temperature suggested on the care label for several hours, let it enjoy the bright sunshine and the breeze for a while.

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