How to ensure your home is winter ready?
We all love sipping a warm cup of coffee while being wrapped in soft blankets, feeling the touch of cushiony rugs under our feet and relaxing on soft pillows while binge-watching our favourite series or movie. We all admire the charm of chilly winters but preparing a home for the cold season is an entirely different story. Right from the flannel sheets to heavy blankets and quilts, everything needs to be kept handy during those chilly days. Organising a home for winter may seem a daunting task but it's worth your time to make your home inviting, warm and cosy. Let us walk you through some tips to create a cosy space. Get ready to hibernate!

Bedding : Whether you choose to settle down for lazing away a Sunday morning or your earned snooze, there is no feeling like curling up and enjoying an undercover snug. But keeping your bed in the right way plays a vital role in ensuring you get the best possible soul-nourishing experience. As the temperature falls, pack your cotton sheets and take out flannel bedsheets which are thicker, warmer and more comfortable. Besides this, switch for a heavier duvet as your summer duvet is not going to keep you warm. Further, blankets are unsung heroes when it comes to saving us from freezing temperatures. Whether you squeeze in some late-night reading or flung them over your duvet for extra warmth, they are a perfect cuddle buddy.

Flooring : To enhance your winter mood even further, pay attention to your floors. Add a layer of insulation with area rugs or carpets and cover as much of the floor as you can. Go for some high-quality and stylish pieces that can make your interiors pull double duty and provide mesmerising styles along with heat retention. So, deploy the most eye-catching and thickest rugs possible as they will help to insulate the space whilst adding to your winter decor and aesthetics. Play up the wintery look with warm and neutral colour palettes.

Bathing : A new season is a great chance to revamp the interiors of your bath by incorporating simple upgrades. As chilly weather approaches, transform your simple, cold bathing space into a comforting and warm winter oasis. Set the winter vibes by displaying plush bath robes to keep yourself warm when stepping out of a shower. Besides this, bring a soft and mushy bathmat to make your feet feel pleasant and save yourself from the sudden cold embrace of the floor.


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