How to take care of your bedsheets ?

The feeling of snuggling down in crisp and fresh bed linen is amazing. When at home, most of our time is spent sleeping, sipping coffee, eating in bed which is why it is advisable to use bedsheets that make you feel good and comfortable. In order to keep the bedsheets as new as possible, you need to take good care of them. With proper care, you can keep them fresh and vibrant over the years.

Read the care label carefully:Sounds obvious, but the instructions on the care label are quite obscure! Take out a few minutes to read them. The instructions mentioned are based on the fabric, thread count, dye type, weaving type etc. Reading them is not enough. Make sure to follow them if you want your favourite bedsheets to stay with you for a long duration
Use mild detergent: Always remember to use mild detergent and not too much of it. Some detergents contain cleaning materials that might be too harsh for your bedsheet. These harsh chemicals might shorten the life of the sheets by making the fabric thinner and causing the colours to fade. By using the appropriate amount of detergent, you will be able to maintain your sheet as crisp as new.

Store the bedsheets well: Before storing your bedsheets, make sure to dry them completely to avoid a mildew smell. Store them in a cool, dry, ventilated place that isn’t too compact. Ample space will formulate adequate air formulation thus maintaining the freshness of your bed linen.We hope this blog helped you with some tips to maintain your bedsheets. We have a variety of bedsheets for your home. Explore beautiful bedsheets on and shop your heart out! 


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