Remember These Four Things When Buying Bedsheets

Hey there, are you looking to level up your sleep game? You have come to the right place. Welcome to the world of bedding bliss. Let's dive into the world of bedsheets and uncover the secrets of finding the best one for your bed. This is the perfect guide to buying your favorite bedsheets. After all, you all deserve that excellent luxurious sleep after a long tiring day. And trust us; you don't need to go to a five-star hotel to get this rich feel; it can be right at your doorstep. Follow the tips below to find the best bedsheet for you without wasting time.

 1) Always check the fiber and the material

There is no harm in choosing the bedsheet that attracts you in the first go, but remember, its fabric is what matters the most. You would want to avoid buying the one that gets spoiled after one wash. So, here is what you should remember. Cotton bedsheet is more durable and robust in comparison with other materials. It is also soft and amongst the most affordable. You can quickly get a bedsheet under 300 that will last longer than many others. Similarly, you can get a premium range of cotton as well.


Like a 100% organic cotton bedsheet will cost you more, but once you sleep on it, you will feel no less than sleeping on a fluffy cloud. You cannot match its quality with anything else. And since 100% cotton is made of eco-friendly materials, it ought to be much stronger than polyester or other fabrics. At the same time, if you feel these are more expensive than you thought, look for fabrics with a blend and mix of cotton. They will act perfectly and offer you the comfort in the price range you were always looking for while being durable and long-lasting.

 2) Look at the thread count:

You may feel why? Who looks at the thread count? Trust us; this is what will help you get the best bedsheets for your home. Thread count – the magical number that is often ignored when buying bedsheets. So what is thread count, and why should you be looking for it? The thread count is the woven threads in one square inch of any fabric. It is believed the higher the thread count, the better the quality of the bedsheet.


Now, wonder if you like digital printed bedsheets and want to buy one for your bedroom. When you go online, remember to check its thread count. Ideally, people prefer anything between 200 and 800, but again it's a personal preference. Similarly, it does not mean that a bedsheet with the maximum thread count will always be soft like a cocoon. Therefore, it is more than necessary to research the brand properly before buying a bedsheet. You can check from some recognized brands like myTrident that always keep quality in mind while manufacturing their products.

 3) Type of weaves:

There are different weave techniques used during the manufacturing of bedsheets. Only a few know it, but it is equally vital as material or fabric. For instance, check the weaving type when buying a handwork bed sheet for your home. The bed sheet will be comfortable and silky smooth if there are sateen weaves. They are also very warm and are suitable for winter months.


On the contrary, you can also find percale weave sheets online. These sheets are either made of pure cotton or a mix of polyester and cotton. They can be the perfect summer month sheets you were always dreaming of. Similarly, if you are looking for a cotton ball-type soft sheet, go for flannel weaves. They make the sheet super comfy and more delicate than a cotton roll.

 4) Size matters the most:

Yes, you heard it right. Size does matter, and if you do not have a perfect-sized bed sheet, it will not look good on your bed and may not even fit properly. You can get bedsheets in different sizes these days, from a single bed to queen size to king size bed sheets online. A wrong bedsheet size may look unappealing as it'll come off your mattress quite often and make it tedious to make your bed every morning.


Finding the right bedsheet size can be challenging sometimes; however, most brands online have a size chart and buying guide that you can refer to before making a purchase. You must ensure you know your bed and mattress size before ordering one. Check for the sheet's size, mattress depth, and sheet pocket size to pick the perfect bedsheet for a good night's sleep.


To sum it up

We often ignore the importance of bedsheets for a comfortable and peaceful night. Your bedsheet is what will give you the velvety feel you need after a long tiring day. So, always go in depth while purchasing one for yourself and even when buying a bed sheet gift pack for the people you love.

Remember to check some of the vast range of premium bed sheets available at myTrident. They have the best quality material and fabric, mesmerizing your sleep. And the most interesting part, you can easily find a perfect sheet in the range matching your expectations.

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