The Health Benefits of Fresh Bedding: How Clean Bed Sheets Can Improve Your Sleep and Overall Well-being

Are you someone that's finding it difficult to get an undisrupted sleep? Not sure what's causing you to toss around in your bed, even though you are totally relaxed, and ready to sleep. Chances are, it's your overused bedsheet that hasn't been changed for some time, that's causing the problem. We often overlook how easy bedsheets get dirty by accumulating our bodily fluids on a regular basis. That's why a quick change into fresh bedsheets can instantly enhance your overall quality of sleep. In a study by the US National Sleep Foundation, it was found that more than 73% of people slept better on fresh sheets! Several studies have shown that fresh bedding and clean bed sheets can drastically improve your sleep and overall well-being as well. Here are some more health benefits you get to enjoy with fresh bedding and clean bedsheets.

1) They Are Good for Your Skin

If you are someone that has sensitive skin or struggling to deal with acne, it is high time you change your bedsheets! Why? Because it could be your run-down bedsheet that’s helping the bacteria that causes acne to do more damage to your skin. When your bedsheets accumulate dirt, sweat, and oil over prolonged use, it creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow and thrive, which will ultimately end up causing you more breakouts of acne. Consider purchasing a fresh pair of Trident bedsheets that come with antimicrobial features, and change them occasionally for washes to reduce your acne instantly.

2) They Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Have you noticed how quickly you fall asleep in a cozy hotel bed? Yes, you are not in a bed where you sleep every day, and yet you fall asleep almost unconsciously if the bed is well-kept and clean. Most hotels you check into wash bed sheets regularly simply because there are new guests checking in and out daily, and fresh bedding is a must. They also use clean bedsheets that are changed regularly. The end result - you go to sleep pretty quickly and enjoy high-quality sleep with minimal disruptions.  This claim can be further backed by the result of a poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation which reported 85% of people confirming that clean sheets improved their sleep.

3) They Help You Relax and Recover

Quality sleep is achieved when there are minimal or absolutely no disruptions between your falling asleep and waking up. During sleep, our body shuts down all activities to rest and recover. Our brain function also slows down as we rest, but if there are disruptions, brain activity speeds up and prevents us from completely relaxing and recovering. When the bedding is fresh and clean, we experience more comfort, and this drastically reduces moments like tossing around and waking up due to discomfort while sleeping. Therefore, you relax and recover much better when the bedding and bedsheets are fresh.

How to Keep Bedding Fresh and Bedsheets Clean?

Just like the clothes we wear, bedding and bedsheets are prone to pollutants in the atmosphere, exposed to sweat and oil from our bodies, and go through vigorous usage as we move around when we sleep. Unless you take conscious efforts to change bedding and bedsheets at periodic intervals, it can get dirty pretty quickly. So how do you keep your bedding fresh and bedsheets clean? Here are some possible solutions.

1) Wash Them Weekly

Bedsheets and bedding, especially double bedsheets and bigger sizing like King and Queen sizes, can get dirty very quickly. Because they cover a larger area than smaller-sized bed sheets, it can also be difficult to notice that your bedsheets are dirty.  Unfortunately, studies like the YouGov study on bedsheet washing showcase that only 33% of people wash bedsheets on a weekly basis. That’s why it always helps to wash the bedsheets that you use at least once a week. This will make sure that your bedsheet and bedding stay fresh and clean.

2) Buy High-Quality Bedsheets

Cheap bedsheets are not good, and good bedsheets are never cheap. But if you are someone that is looking for fresh bedding, it is best to buy high-quality bedsheets from authentic brands like myTrident. High-quality bedsheets also come loaded with premium features like antimicrobial qualities, a feather-soft feel, and fragranced fabrics. All these value-added benefits ensure that your bedsheets remain fresh for longer durations.

How Can Clean Bedsheets and Fresh Bedding Help Your Well-Being?

Sleep, rest, and recovery go hand-in-hand with your sensory experience. When you get to sleep on fresh bedding that has the fragrance of freshness to it, you enjoy a calmer mental state that soothes your mind and body. Compare it with a used bedsheet that has an odor of sweat to it, and the difference becomes clearly visible. Your skin also loves to sleep on a clean bedsheet more than a dirty bedsheet. Clean bedsheets and bedding are also much crisper and have fewer wrinkles, creases, and folds that can cause discomfort and distress when you sleep.


By now, it is pretty clear how fresh bedding and clean bedsheets uplift your overall mood and helps you sleep much faster than usual. When you get good quality sleep, you significantly improve your chances of waking up with more enthusiasm and energy. This further increases your well-being and mental health and helps you take on the challenges life throws at you with more energy and positivity. If you are still struggling to find single bedsheets, or double, king, or queen-sized bedding of the highest quality, check out the latest collection from myTrident today.

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