Top 5 Key Points to Wash Your Bath Towels to Keep Them Soft & Fluffy

Picture this: You are stepping out of your shower, anticipating your bath towel's delicate and fluffy texture on your skin. But when you use it, you are disappointed with a piece of stiff and scratchy fabric, unlike your expectation. We all have been through this phase with our favorite bath towels. Even some of the best bath towels go through a rough road because of the water and the soap quality used to clean them.


So, how to keep the towels soft like a cotton ball? Let's find out.

Reduce the use of detergent:

You may not realize it, but your detergent plays a significant role in maintaining the charm of your towels. The more you use detergent, the worse their quality will be. Instead, cut down on the detergent or use it the right way.

To keep your towels feeling like luxury every day, try using eucalyptus-based detergents that protect the fibers of the towel and keep them smelling fresh. Avoid using bleach unless absolutely necessary!

Use warm water:

If your cotton bath towels need soap for a proper wash, try using warm water for the process. There is a significant difference between washing your towels in cold and warm water. Warm water helps in absorbing detergent far better than normal water.

If you want to ensure no soapy buildup on your towel, add the detergent in the warm water & let it run for at least 1 or 2 minutes before adding your bath towels. You will notice the change in just one wash.

Use vinegar in place of fabric softener:

Everyone dreams of a towel that is comfortable and plush. But keeping them feeling just as new can be challenging. Fabric softeners may be great for other garments but not your bath towel. When you use softener for towels, the silicon makes your towel water-repellent, making it difficult to wash.

Instead, it would be great if you prefer using vinegar to make your towel soft. Use around 1 cup of vinegar every six weeks to clear any soapy residue on your towels. Using vinegar is very simple. Wash your towel with water in the regular wash cycle and then rewash them with vinegar rather than soap.

The magic of baking soda:

This one always works like a charm! Baking soda has properties that help in loosening fiber and scrubbing any chemicals from your towels. Besides, if you have ever faced the situation of having a damp towel smell if not dried properly, especially if they are lying around wet for a long time, baking soda can help in removing the odor.

Put one cup of baking soda with your detergent to remove that smell, and run your wash cycle as usual. Dry your bath towels properly and feel the softness back in them again, smelling fresh.

Not washing too many together:

It is one of the typical mistakes we make while washing our bath towel sets. When you overload your washer, you don't give enough space for the detergent to remove grime from towels. Similarly, overloading dryers will produce less air for them to dry, making them stiff and scratchy.

So, your best approach should be to only wash 2 to 3 bath towels at a time for a smooth and plush texture. You can add hand towels with them if you want, but remember not to overload the washer.

Try less tumble drying:

You may have read the instructions while buying cotton bath towels online to tumble dry for puffiness and gentleness. While it is true, it should not be done excessively. Tumble drying helps to kill germs and bacteria and keep your towel soft, but excess heat can sometimes damage the cotton ones.

Instead, you can opt for partial tumble dry. It simply means you can briefly keep your towels in the dryer and then remove them for line drying. Doing so will help fluff the fibers in the towel and make them soft for an extended period.

Final thoughts

Most people don't look at the bath towel price if they find one that is plush and comfy. But these towels won't remain the same forever. Therefore, you should take care of your bath towels to maintain their softness and fluffiness. And remember, it is an investment for your everyday comfort and self-care. If you want soft towels that you can easily care for, try myTrident towels. They will last for years and are easy to maintain. Following some of the easy tips mentioned above, you can transform your old stiff bath towels into pure luxury. The right quality soft towels can elevate your bathing experience to the next level.


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