What makes our Sanskriti Collection so special?

India is a dynamic potpourri of innumerable arts and crafts, a land where classical melodies merge seamlessly with ancient weaves, fascinating festivals, scintillating paintings and exquisite handicrafts. With millions of art forms thriving in each state and union territory, the country sparkles with vivacity and vitality. Civilizations have come and gone but the essence of true India always resided in its distinctive art forms. Be it Kasuti from Karnataka, Ajrakh from Gujarat, Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh, Kantha from West Bengal or Phulkari from Punjab, there is an element of irresistible beauty in these, which is magical.

Ethnic Touch : Merchants have dared the perils of oceans for Indian textiles from time immemorial. The beauty of high-quality weaves, stitch work, embroideries, mesmerising patterns and colours are things of legend and several quests have been made for these treasures. To savour the nuances of India's rich art and craft palette, we thoughtfully designed and passionately crafted our Sanskriti Collection. Bursting with ethnic flavours, this beautiful collection is a testament to India’s rich textile traditions and the beauty of Indian crafts. A true depiction of India, it adds an ethnic ambience to the home.

Universal Designs : An ode to ethnicity, this beautiful collection is inspired by the most awe-inspiring art forms of India. All products of this collection tell wonderful stories of innovative artistry, ethnic trends and astonishing colour palettes. Our designs celebrate the arts and traditions of India and bring forth reimagined versions of them for modern homes. They reflect a universal appeal that seamlessly blends with every decor, giving bedrooms an elegant and sophisticated feel.

Premium Comfort : With our Sanskriti Collection, a fashionable ethnic look comes with the added advantage of premium comfort and convenience. Woven with 100% cotton and the finest craftsmanship, these bedsheets are super soft and super comfortable for a soul-nourishing sleep. Whether it's a comforter or a bedsheet, the products of this collection are just perfect for curling up and enjoying an undercover snug during the days when you choose to settle down for your earned snooze.

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