Why every home needs a rug ?

A well-designed space should be complemented with even better décor. In today's world, homes are not just bricks and mortar but also an extension of people’s personalities. There are various ways to uplift and add definition to any home but to Lines, colours, textures, linens, curtains, rugs all play an important role in accentuating one’s home. choose the right piece of décor that turns heads should be something exquisite. An essential element of home décor will be discussed in this blog- rugs.

Adding definition to your space: When you place a rug in a room, it instantly makes the space more anchored. Walk inside a room with a rug and one without it, you will certainly feel the difference. A room with the right kind of rug will accentuate and add more cosy and comfortable vibes to it.
Thermal insulators: Bid adieu to heaters as rugs are here to save you from the long electricity bills. Rugs are known to have heat-trapping abilities and are much more effective than flooring in keeping a room warm. The thicker the rug, the better the insulating effect of the area rug. Nonetheless, rugs not only help in keeping the room warm but maintain an even temperature throughout the year.
Use as a piece of wall décor: Whether it is to bring luxury to your interiors, add a pop of colours or make for a visual delight, rugs can have hundreds of uses.  You will be surprised to realise how rugs work their magic as a piece of wall décor. Beautiful luxurious rugs when used as a piece of wall décor create a plush and comfy sitting area in the space.   Right from adding definition to your space to absorbing noise to reducing the cost of insulation, rugs will make your already perfect space even better. Looking for a rug? Of course. Why else would you read the blog till the end! Find a perfect classic rug for your home only on myTrident.com!!!! 

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